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Hello there to whoever is reading

I haven’t been active in this platform for a while now, life and its agenda got the hold of me without even asking permission so this is my ironical, sarcastic, weird, call it what you want it, way to start writing again.

Let’s get to the point because as you read I Lost an Idea

I very much would hope to talk about something concrete, like an object or thing you can purposely find if you lost it.

Like when you lose your phone or glasses, maybe not…

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Let’s get this straight, it’s Life Balance NOT Work-Life Balance!

I have always hated the concept of finding a Work Life Balance, I used to think how can I get my Work Life in balance when not even my life is.

I then realised I wasn’t supposed too, not with this mindset at least!

Sorry to tell you but life came before you started working!

So let’s stop thinking about ways to balance the work life and start just balancing life.

How are you supposed to balance work and life? No really I am asking

Hey this is my personal…

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*Thoughts from Lockdown is a series of thoughts, views, opinions in an attempt to make sense of Life

I have definitely discovered the power of thoughts in this few months in Lockdown and that has brought me to various conclusions, one being

Talking to yourself is underrated!!!!

if you think what is this crazy person talking about you may leave now as this is a space where we talk to ourselves, write weird thoughts, contemplate the existence of life and survive in this path with no return (at least we think) that we each find ourselves in.

Lockdown has made me think, about the future…

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Retail is a customer business. You’re trying to take care of the customer — solve something for the customer. And there’s no way to learn that in the classroom or in the corner office, or away from the customer. You’ve got to be in front of the customer.

I heard a lot of people saying that every person should once work in retail, at first I didn’t really understand the sense behind this sentence, I looked at retail as a normal job, yes it had is good and bad but it was a job…

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In all truth I am not a fan of motivational speeches, I think they try to get you to fall in a trap with titles like “ Rewrite your life in 5 minutes” and after you watch it nothing really changes, at least not for me.

Still I fall continuously in that same Trap even-though I do am aware of it, but this time I listened to a speech that changed my mind.

Matthew McConaughey: 5 Minutes for the NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE

The Actor you may think? Yes, The Actor, Mcconaughey the actor.

You may know him from a good amount of movies, but I now know him from…

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Since I moved to San Francisco known by the ordinary people as Silicon Valley what comes up in almost every conversations are big known brands such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, etc.

The more I hear about this companies, what they are doing, the valuation, salaries, projects and more their persona just invades my brain over and over and over.

Why I am telling you this? Last week when I was asked where I would like to work I was easily inclined to answer “I want to work in companies like Google and Facebook, those big brands that marked history” .

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Lost in a city, Lost in a street, Lost in Life

“I am lost” — a quote that once every individual will say, during a math class you may say that, during a project, a new step, you will be lost and that is part of living in this time.

Whichever the case is this 3 WORDS reveal a sense of fear, stress still this 3 WORDS hide a power within that is more strong that we give credit to.

Let’s go Back in time

Unknown year , location not found , Name not known

A man found himself lost…

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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” — Socrate

While we live our lives and go on with our routines, read, work, make money, love, socialize, eat, sleep, drink , the only thing that keeps us going is the possibilities of the future.

What we will become? What are our goals? Questions like this drive our daily lives.

We were called to live in this world and found ourselves living a life day by day knowing there will be an end to it.

Nonetheless we crave to live it, to experience it and make something out of…

You Are My Universe t-shirt design by Lim Heng Swee.

How will the future be in the next few years? What will happen to the place we now call home?

A Short Fable about the Future

Not too long ago, exactly 25 years ago a 13 years old boy named Edward was walking back home from school with his best friend Astra when suddenly the sun stopped shining.

Darkness invaded the city, there was no blue sky anymore, no light, no sun just shadows and dark covering the whole planet.

After 10 minutes that felt like an hour the sun started shining again, everything went back to normal, the sky…

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Career Hunting Series Part I

Looking for a job can be exhausting, a nightmare, a dreadful experience that will take you hours, time, your life away.

On the other side don’t let that stop you because the end result will mean you found the right job for you in the right place.

As I will be graduating in less than two weeks my search for a job has been quiet an adventure, I passed hours, weeks, months applying, reading, searching, applying again until I asked myself:

I do not have a job…

Fla Ghia

“Welcome to the weirdness. I’m just trying to navigate a course towards safety and sanity best way I know how.” -Like Sunday, Like Rain

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